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Hi I'm Mike Woodyard.  On this website, I am going to indroduce myself, and the work I do!!

Throughout this website, you are going to see all the areas of media in which I participate, and the people who support me.  If you have any questions, please feel free to utilise the information provided on the Contacts page..!

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What's New?

From time to time, I am going to update this website, so you guys can see what I am up to. At the moment I am still building this site, so please don't expect too much for the next couple of weeks.  MW
Today I had the opportunity to interview Joel Turner, from Joel Turner & The Modern Day Poets.  The interview was awesome, and I was privelidged to have Joel beatbox to me personally part of his new song "Knock You Out" with Anthony "The Man" Mundine.  To read the interview, just click on the link "Joel Turner Interview" located to the left of screen.
OK, so I attended the John Farnham & Tom Jones TOGETHER Live in conert on Friday night, and I have to say, apart from Tom Jones, I was impressed!!! John totally knocked me off my feet, and although I am supposed to provide a professional & unbiased opinion, I couldn't help but get up and dance.  The magic of The Voice still lives!!!! MW
I'm excited to report that I am going to the 2005 Annual TV WEEK Logie Awards (LOGIES)  The Logies are happening on the 1st of March, which I am happy to report WILL be including the stars from Law & Order: SVU, as well as NCIS. 
Definately going to be my highlight for 2005. MW

Please feel free to get in touch with me at any time with questions or feedback