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Joel Turner Interview
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Joel Turner Interview
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On Tuesday, 22nd Feb 2005, I was given the opportunity to talk with Joel Turner from Joel Turner & The Modern Day Poets. 
Here's what was said:

Tell me about your family background?


I grew up in Casey Ridge with my mother, as a part of a family of 5.  I have 3 brothers & a sister.


Is there any musical history in your family?


My brother Tim (Double-T) is a rapper, he’s in the modern day poets.  My mum loves her music, she’s always listening.  Mum plays piano and guitar.  I also found out my father was a professional guitarist.


What got you into musical performance?


It’s one of those things that come to you.  I love my rap and my beatbox, and I wanted to show it on Idol.


What keeps you there?


Love for the music.  I love rap, and my beatbox.  I would really like to see beatbox take off in Australia, and all over the world.  I’m going to start with Australia, though.


Tell me about your time on Idol?  As well as a before and after on the judges?


There are two auditions before you get to the Judges.  I only got to beatbox for like 2 seconds, and they told me to stop.  I thought it was all over than, but they told me that I was through to the second audition.  The second audition went quickly, and then I faced the judges.  It was all very nerve-racking.  When I got to the judges, I had all the cameras in my face, it’s so scary when it’s your first time!!!  I began to beatbox in front of the judges, and I could see them nodding their heads, so I knew they must like it.  Marcia told me “you have a long career ahead of you, not on Idol, but you go for that career”  She told me I was going to get signed, but not through Idol.  I wasn’t really surprised, they were looking for R’n’B singers.


Your song “these kids” has a pretty special, personal meaning for you- can you elaborate?


My bro Tim (Double-T) came to me four years ago when his friend from school had died, with the first verse for “These Kids”, and asked me to put a tune to it.


Tell me about your next song- Knock You Out?


My manager, Mark Holden met Anthony “The Man” Mundine, at a Grand Prix event in which all the drivers need to get their “racing license”.  Mark was teaching Anthony the driving, and showed him the rifs from These Kids, and asked him if he wanted to rap with us.  After confirming, he rang me (I felt really on the spot) and told me “Anthony Mundine is coming to rap with you guys, make up a tune”  Our eventual theme was “Eye of The Tiger” to suit Mundine’s experiences.


What can we expect from Joel Turner & the Modern Day Poets in 2005 and beyond?


Most of this year is going to be spent touring, I like to take things as they come.  I’m looking forward to the release of the second album, and maybe doing some work overseas.


Thanks to Larissa Cavanagh for organising the interview.